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Country Maid has a multitude of departments where many employees have dedicated 5, 10 and even over 20 years of employment to the company. It's not simply a job; Country Maid is an organization dedicated to employee development from internships to entry level and managers to the most seasoned employees. 


Warehouse Associate – West Bend, Iowa

Are you a person who can’t imagine sitting at a desk all day, boxed in by four walls?  Do you need variety?  Do you need to be able to move around?  Do you need challenge?  Do you thrive in an environment where people will actually stop and speak to you instead of looking the other way as you pass by? 

Do you look at an empty semi and get excited to play a real-life game of Tetris as you load it? 

If that’s you, you could be the person our team needs! 

While you’ll operate within the overall structure, you’ll have freedom to make decisions on how to best get the work done efficiently and effectively.  We’ll trust you to use your prior warehouse and forklift experience to make those decisions, but the team will be there to support you if you ask for help.  

And that game of Tetris?  You’ll definitely get the high score, because you’ll call upon your past experience loading and unloading trucks to work quickly and effectively. 

Our Warehouse Associate works as a member of the team, supporting Production.  You see, nothing goes anywhere without our Warehouse team.  You’ll ensure supplies get to the line, loading by hand or by forklift.  You’ll pick up pallets on the forklift and take them back to the freezer.  You’ll load and unload trucks.  You’ll take garbage outside to the dumpsters. 

Sometimes you’ll work off all those free pastries and cakes you’ll get to take home by hopping off the forklift to hand palletize supplies or build orders. 

You’ll be excited to talk to others, stopping to answer questions from your colleagues in Production.  You’ll use the computer skills you picked up at past jobs verify production and supply requirements. 

You won’t be bored, that’s for sure. 

And you’ll be working with a team that likes to have some fun.  They’ll laugh with you.  They’ll wish you “Good morning,” and “Good evening,” and you’ll share a smile with them. 

And that’s in addition to the full benefit package you’ll get working here.  And free pastries and cakes.  So many free pastries and cakes.  you’ll get a competitive hourly wage, plus overtime for any hours you work over 40.  You’ll get most weekends off.  You’ll work first shift.  You’ll work four, 10-hour shifts most weeks, so you’ll often get three-day weekends.  Plus, you’ll get full benefits, paid time off, paid holidays, and a wellness benefit.  You’ll also become one of our employee owners; Country Maid is a 100% employee-owned company. 

If we just described you, what are you waiting for?  Apply today.

Maintenance Technician – West Bend, Iowa

Congratulations!  You’ve graduated technical school or you’ve achieved an equivalent amount of experience, and you’re ready to join a team who will not only value the hard-earned experience you have so far, but who’ll encourage you to grow more while you make a great hourly wage. 

And our team can help you do that and even more. 

We’ll help you use that electrical and mechanical experience you gained through your education or on-the-job experience and put it to even greater value in our plant.  You’ll be an integral part of our team, performing preventative and on-demand maintenance within our 26,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art food manufacturing facility. 

Because you’re self-motivated and a fast learner, you’ll have tons of opportunity to increase your wage.  As you learn the plant and make a difference for everyone in it, you won’t even have to wait a whole year for your annual review for that next pay raise. 

You look at a piece of equipment that isn’t working the way it should and see not frustration, but an exciting problem you can’t wait to get your hands on and solve.  For that reason, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of equipment, product lines, and therefore, a ton of opportunity to grow your skills and knowledge. 

You’ll replace bearings and bushings to keep equipment functioning.  And because you enjoy helping others, you’ll respond to maintenance calls and service equipment.  You’ll have a direct impact on reducing downtime and helping product get to customers’ hands. 

While experience in food manufacturing, ag equipment maintenance, or general manufacturing is a plus, you don’t necessarily need that to be successful.  Your electrical experience will still allow you to install and repair to Iowa electrical code.  And your overall mechanical expertise will help you keep our plant among the premier facilities in the area. 

You can read blueprints and you have good computer experience, including Excel and MS Office, so you’ll be able to tackle everything that comes your way.  And if you get stumped?  No problem!  Your team will be there to work together with you conquer any obstacles. 

Because you’re safety conscious, you understand no amount of cake or braids are more important than you or your team going home safe at the end of the day.  You’ll strive to do all you can to keep yourself and others safe, including serving on CMI’s Safety Committee. 

You’ll join a company that believes in having harmony between your work and your home life, not having to pick one or the other.  So not only will you get a competitive hourly wage, you’ll be paid overtime for any hours over 40.  You’ll get most weekends off.  You’ll work first shift.  You’ll work four, 10-hour shifts most weeks, so you’ll often get three-day weekends.  You may have to occasionally be on-call, but you’ll get generous call-in pay if you come in. 

Your family will think you’re a hero for all the free Butter Braid pastries and cakes you bring home for them. 

And that’s in addition to the full benefit package you’ll get working here.  You’ll get insurance, paid time off, paid holidays, we’ll pay for your boots and tools, and a wellness benefit.  You’ll also become one of our employee owners; Country Maid is a 100% employee-owned company. 

Don’t regret letting this opportunity pass you by.  Apply today.

Production Associate I, II, or III (title offered will depend on experience)

We are looking to fill a regular, full-time position on our Production Team.

Full benefits - First-shift hours

The successful candidate will be trained in multiple areas, with the goal of being trained as a Line Operator (Production Associate III or IV) within three months of beginning employment.

Do you find yourself thinking, “That sounds interesting, but I’ve never worked Manufacturing before”? That’s ok! Some of our most successful operators hadn’t, either. They’ve come from service careers and brought reliability, curiosity and excellent puzzle solving skills. Those things are what it takes to be successful, not necessarily a production background. Don’t let never having worked in manufacturing before hold you back from this opportunity!

As a Production Associate, you’ll perform duties with the primary goal of ensuring we make high quality, cost-effective frozen specialty food products. You’ll work primarily on the braided pastry and cake roll lines but should be willing to assist where needed. Most importantly, you’ll follow and promote procedures to protect the safety of the humans in the plant and the safety of the food we produce.

Our ideal candidate understands growth means being excited to learn new skills, strong relationships require kindness and extending grace, even when things get stressful, and that having discipline means showing up for your team, even when you’d rather stay in your warm, cozy bed.

Because you’ve had customer-facing experience, you understand that our customers are everywhere. They’re internal – the people who count on us to work together to make our products – and they’re external – the people who consume our products. For that reason, you know the key to a team working in harmony is to listen. And while you want the team to succeed and you’ll always communicate professionally and appropriately at all times, you’re also not a “yes’ person. You’ll use your problem solving skills to help your team develop effective solutions to the puzzles we face together.

Your impact…
Most importantly, you’ll know you’re successful when you and all your team return home safely at the end of the day. Additionally, you’ll understand that your work didn’t just help create delicious braided pastries, cakes and cookies. Thanks to your hard work, you Helped Others Help Themselves. Our fundraising partners, with the assistance of our products, were able to send kids to camp, build playgrounds, fund scholarships, and more!

Are you our next employee owner?  Email your resume to, get an application in person at 213 4th Avenue NE, West Bend, Iowa, or APPLY NOW!